KRAVolution Assistant Instructor Course – Germany

Have you already been training Krav Maga for a while or lots of years of Martial Arts experiences and now you are ready to undertake a responsible task and share your knowledge with others? We want YOU as an instructor then! The Assistant Instructor Course is the first step for your Krav Maga Instructor career.

The course to become a KRAVolution Assistant is a compressed training for the civil sector and the first step for every ensuing Krav Maga instructor course, particularly the Civil Instructor Course.

The Content of the KRAVolution Assistant Instructor Course is based on our general teaching-methods. Meaning, it is about the fundamental understanding for Krav Maga and its principles, instead of being about the single components of the techniques.

  • imparting the didactic foundation for teaching-preparations
  • imparting the didactic foundation for teaching Krav Maga

Our goal is to train you to become an assistant of our instructor team. Like that you can learn how to teach in practice from the best. In addition, we prepare you, theoretically and practically, to pass the final exam, to become a KRAVolution Civil Instructor.

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KRAVolution Krav Maga Civil Instructor Course – Germany

If you want to become a Krav Maga Instructor, sign up now and improve yourself. The goal of our Krav Maga course, which is with over 170 h full-time training one of the most complete and most extensive ones in the whole system, is the deployment of qualified instructors in our instructor team as well as the deployment as Civilian Krav Maga Instructor internationally.


  • Compressed course with attractive training-times
  • Lessons after principles, not only techniques
  • KRAVolution First Aid specified to instructors
  • Reality based scenario-training to push you to the limit
  • Supervision by international Highest-Level-Instructors
  • The KRAVolution Krav Maga Curriculum
  • An unprecedented level-testing, where your ability to teach is as important as the right performance. Here you are not tested by one single examiner, but by a testing-committee. Previously it consisted of several active Krav Maga instructors.


Part I with Jean-Paul
25.04 – 28.04.2019

Part II with Megan
16.05 – 19.05.2019

Part III with Ändi
13.06 – 16.06.2019

Part IV with Pierre
04.07 – 07.07.2019

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Join us at the French Foreign Legion 25.-31. march 2019

OPEN FOR EVERYBODY – The content of this outstanding Krav Maga Military Training is based on the Krav Maga System, based of Imi Lichtenfeld and contains the imparting of the necessary didactical skills for the supporting management of the Krav Maga training for soldiers under consideration of the rules of engagement.

CONTENTS of the Course:

  • communication and body language
  • tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • teamwork in terms of self-defense
  • reaction to encroachments
  • relief-techniques in terms of contact-attacks
  • techniques in emergency and emergency relief situations
  • close quarter combat
  • self-defense under adverse conditions like low light/no light
  • self-defense techniques and tactics in a military operation
  • usage of common objects like hand and long guns, for instance as object against one or multiple attackers
  • defense of knife-attacks
  • defense of gun-threatsthird party protection

After passing
all participants receive a Krav Maga Military Training certificate and the military patch. This course offers the highest level of Close Quarter Battle training for Soldiers.

French / English

1000 EUR for early bird / 1200 regular or for a certification as military instructor 1290 euR early bird / 1690 EUR regular

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TRAVolution – Train and Travel may 2019 in Israel

Save your Tickets now! 1st – 5th of May we will travel again to the country of Krav Maga and to the KRAVolution Headquarter 

This year we will stay again at the 4* Hotel “Island Suites” Netanya. The 4 * hotel has it’s own training hall, where we can do training with you. The hotel is located directly on the beach, which makes a beach training possible and as last time we will train as much as we can, outside to enjoy the israeli sun and the nice beach view!

Our Travel Schedule:

  • up to 4 hours Krav Maga training a day with international KRAVolution
  • Instructors like Megan Berkman, Jean Paul Jauffret, Carsten Draheim, Pierre Marques, Tom Olliati and much more!
  • We train with you according to the new KRAVolution Curriculum
  • Special Krav Maga workshops and a varied training on the stand or in the city
  • Trip to the Dead Sea
  • Excursion to the historic city of Jerusalem
  • Excursion to a museum

The trip includes the stay from the 1st – 5th of May at the Hotel Netanya Suites. On the 1st of May is arrival day. Of course it’s possible to extend your stay or arrive earlier – ask us!

For a small insight into the TRAVolution 2018 please click here.

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Civil Instructor Course in USA

Have you already been training Krav Maga for a while or lots of years of Martial Arts experiences and now you are ready to undertake a responsible task and share your knowledge with others? We want YOU as an instructor then!

We´ll support you with all our know-how at the KRAVolution Civil Instructor Course! If you want to become a Krav Maga Instructor, sign up now and train with the KRAVolution instructor team.

The goal of our Krav Maga course, which is one of the most complete and most extensive ones in the whole system, is the deployment of qualified instructors in our instructor team as well as the deployment as Civil Krav Maga Instructor internationally.

That´s why the course is held by the Krav Maga instructor team. To make you the best instructor out there, we deploy the best instructors out there! The Course will be conducted in English.

We set new standards with our new concept for the Krav Maga instructor training and want to think out of the box. That´s why we revolutionized the former training. We won´t lie. It´s a hard way from a participant to an instructor and by that to a Krav Maga blackbelt – earned not given. But, if you can make it, you´ll belong to the best educated Krav Maga instructors all over the world.

The dates:
Part I
March 09 – 18, 2018 in Texas
Location: Keller Self Defense
5824 Kroger Dr
Fort Worth TX 76244, USA



Part II
May 26 – June 04, 2018 in Colorado
Location: Krav Maga Loveland
653 Denver Ave
Loveland, Colorado 80537




KRAVolution – first dates for 2018

The KRAVolution has begun and is unstoppable! Here are the first dates for 2018!

05.10-05.14.2018 TRAVolution – Train & Travel

01.11.-01.13.2018 Kids Instructor Course with Haim Sasson
01.18.-01.20.2018 Assistant Instructor Course
From 01.18.2018 Civil Instructor Course
Part I: 01.18.-01.21.2018
Part II: 02.01.-02.04.2018
Part III: 02.15.-02.18.2018
Part IV: 03.15.-03.18.2018
01.20.2018 CKTEAM meets KRAVolution Seminar
02.23.-03.04.2018 VIP Protection Course 
Kids Level Testings

01.27.-01.28.2018 Instructors Convention
01.17.-01.22.2018 Bootcamp – Corsica



Civil Instructor Course
Part I: 06.15.-06.24.2018 with Megan Cohen Berkman
Part II: 08.24.-09.02.2018 with Jean-Paul Jauffret

01.14.2018 Home Invasion Seminar
Civil Instructor Course
03.09.-03.18.2018 in Texas (Keller Self Defense)
05.26.-06.04.2018 in Colorado (Krav Maga Loveland)

01.25.-01.28.2018 Assistant Instructor Course

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What a great Krav Maga out of the box seminar with Jean-Paul Jauffret in Germany!

What a great KRAV MAGA OUT OF THE BOX seminar with Jean-Paul Jauffret with the support of Megan Cohen Berkman and Carsten at the Krav Maga Institute in Cologne, Germany! It was about defenses in narrow spaces, where you can not go out of the line of attack, defenses against knife attacks, where it was not an option to give up and last but not least ground fighting. You were great! The KRAVolution starts now!


The next seminar will take place this Saturday, 28th of October at the KMI Cologne, Germany: Women Only Seminar with Megan Cohen Berkman.

Due to the recent event of attacks on women, we are getting more and more requests at the KRAVolution for effective self-defense, because here the defenses are trained not only against one but several attackers under simulated stress by intuitive reactions. „Always be a hard target“, flight or fight, never freeze, that’s the slogan and woman learns in this seminar to defend themselves “unfairly” after all rules!

More informations you’ll find HERE.
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Krav Maga B1 weekend Course – Calgary (Canada)

Lean the best self-defense system the world has to offer! Krav Maga is classed by many as the worlds best self defense system, utilizing modern defences that evolves while achieving a great source of fitness.

This course could save your live one-day!

Lead Instructor:
Dave Crane

Special Clothes or shoes:
Workout Clothes, Water Bottle, Indoor Shoes

Upper Studio A Second Floor

119.00 CAD

FLYER B1 Weekend Course


S.W.A.T. Instructor Course in French Guiana with Jean-Paul Jauffret

-Français ci-dessous-
The KRAVolution S.W.A.T. Instructor Course for military and police trainers will take place in French Guiana at the end of 2017, in the accommodation of the 3rd REI of the Foreign Legion, and will be led by Jean-Paul Jauffret, who is one of the world’s most experienced Krav Maga experts.

The course takes place from 28th of December 2017 until the 03rd of January 2018 at the 3 Régiment Étranger d’infanterie base .Accommodation and meals will also be provided at the base ,Forget in Kourou, about 60km northwest of the capital, Cayenne. Continue reading “S.W.A.T. Instructor Course in French Guiana with Jean-Paul Jauffret”