Teens Krav Maga

Teenager Krav Maga

“Where are you going and when are you back?”  is probably that one question that has always annoyed teenagers the most.
But what most of them are not aware of is, that parents do not ask to control but because they are worried; in the end all parents want their kids to be safe.

Young people become more and more victims of violent attacks in their everyday life and at schoolyards. Like the KRAVolution Kids Division, KRAVolution Krav Maga for teens employs experienced instructors and adapts self-defense training. We introduce them to effective techniques and help developing a feeling for the right tactical behavior, self-assertion in case of emergency and the preservation of proportionality.

The main focuses of the KRAVolution Teenager Division for an integrated self-defense training are:

  • Prevention
  • Recognition of threats and tactical retreat
  • Attacks and counter-attacks against all physical targets from all nearby distances and in all directions
  • Use of items and tools for defense purposes
  • Self-defense against peers
  • Self-defense against “stronger”
  • Defenses against threat and attack situations with weapons
  • Defenses against one or several attackers at the same time


Especially in the difficult development phase in life KRAVolution Krav Maga offers teenagers a certain stability and the necessary self-awareness. We offer every individual a cool and fun training group and before all the possibility to be able to effectively defend themselves at the end of the day.