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Together with our students, professionals and instructors we constantly improve one of the the most effective self-defense system in the world, tested day by day under real conditions and during events. –

We are KRAVolution

KRAVolution World Run 2019

From 01.02. - 03.02.2019 we organize an international meeting of our KRAVolution Krav Maga Association, here: the Krav Maga Institute Cologne together with the KRAVolution World Team around Carsten; Megan, Jean-Paul, Andi, Pierrot and Tom. For...

Selfdefense-Seminar for women in Cologne

The next Women self defense course - 27th October 2018 in Cologne with Megan Berkman ! "Always be a hard target, flight or fight, never freeze" Members learn to defend themselves effectively and all unfairly!Basic stroke and kicking...

Exclusive Krav Maga Military Course at the French Foreign Legion

FIRST TIME and UNIQUE the french foreign legion opens its extremely well secured gates for a handful of selected civilians. Krav Maga training at the Foreign Legion You are looking for the special challenge? Then travel with us to the...



Krav Maga has become known worldwide as the most effective self defense system. Regardless of whether children or pensioners: Krav Maga offers a solution for everyone who wants to be capable of an effective self-defense. The Krav Maga Institute can also help your employees and/or co-workers to get encouraged and motivated new. As a sport, Krav Maga’s popularity has also increased a lot through celebrities as it not only enhances personal fitness, but also offers a meaningful added value in everyday life.

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