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We are KRAVolution

This was TRAVolution 2018!

…the arrival! With Participants from France, Corsica, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Italy and the US! Our KRAVolution train and travel went to Israel in the country of origin of Krav Maga and took place from May 10th to May 14th. The 40...

Military Instructor Course at French Foreign Legion - Castelnaudary

Military Krav Maga Military Krav Maga is the initial variation of the self-defense and close combat system, which has been developed for the Israeli Defense Forces and is trained by most international military and special forces nowadays. The...

Close Protection Krav Maga Instructor Course - French Guiana

Close Protection Krav Maga Instructor Course WHEN: January 04th - 13th, 2019 WHERE: French Guiana LOCATION: 3. REI French Foreign Legion / Régiment Étranger d’infanterie CONTENTS of the Course: ✔ Close protection team...

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Krav Maga has become known worldwide as the most effective self defense system. Regardless of whether children or pensioners: Krav Maga offers a solution for everyone who wants to be capable of an effective self-defense. The Krav Maga Institute can also help your employees and/or co-workers to get encouraged and motivated new. As a sport, Krav Maga’s popularity has also increased a lot through celebrities as it not only enhances personal fitness, but also offers a meaningful added value in everyday life.

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