the evolution of a self-defense organization!

We’re fighters, not technicians. We are KRAVolution

The KRAVolution Association focuses on the freedom of the individual schools in the design of the training, but controls the quality through testing and regularly offers further training for instructors.

KRAVolutions philosophy is based on the fact that a self-defence system has to adapt to the respective times and the respective current threat situations and therefore has to develop continuously. This is the motto of the association: We train Krav Maga self-defence – the principles are in the foreground and not the mere sequence of rehearsed techniques.

It is not one master above all who decides on the curriculum and teaching methods.
What and how exactly we teach is decided by the whole KRAVolution team together.

Again and again the system is tested, checked and improved by experts around the world in order to meet the requirements of real life.

We are KRAVolution

MIC 2020 - Military Instructor Course I Germany, Cologne

From 13.07. – 17.07.2020 we are organising a military trainer course for the German Federal Armed Forces with a venue in Cologne, where we can only allocate a few places.

Today at 6pm - ZOOM Training with Andi

Today at 6pm: Live ZOOM Training
with KRAVolution world instructor Andi

Today at 7pm in Cologne Deutz & Online Training

Krav-Maga “Mitmach-Zoom” today in Deutz at 7 pm, you can join us on the mat in front of the camera or online behind it! Just come along, without registration.



Krav Maga has become known worldwide as the most effective self defense system. Regardless of whether children or pensioners: Krav Maga offers a solution for everyone who wants to be capable of an effective self-defense. The Krav Maga Institute can also help your employees and/or co-workers to get encouraged and motivated new. As a sport, Krav Maga’s popularity has also increased a lot through celebrities as it not only enhances personal fitness, but also offers a meaningful added value in everyday life.

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