customized krav maga

The method that imitates the human – not the human imitating the method – this is KRAVolution Krav Maga.

This modern self-defense system is for everyone. Everyone can defend themselves and his loved ones. The training unit is not about sport, here we are focusing on pure self-defense.
KRAVolution Krav Maga also offers solutions for effective defenses for wheelchair users, disabled or visually impaired persons.

KRAVolution Customized Division at a glance:

  • Tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • Techniques for emergency situations
  • Use of items and tools for defense purposes
  • Self-defense for wheelchair users, defense within the line of attack
  • Distance training for visually impaired persons


Krav Maga as Company Event!

krav maga customized

Do you feel safe enough?
In the subway, in an underground parking or on your way home?

KRAVolution KRAV MAGA shows you how to feel more confident with effective self-defense techniques and convenient tactics.

The modern way of teambuilding


  • Improves working environment by reducing stress and common training
  • Employees can identify with the company
  • Reduces costs due to illness, because fit employees are less often ill
  • Satisfied employees are more productive and motivated
  • Training in your office or in one of our many locations near you



  • Builds general fitness and improves quality of life
  • Learning a meaningful “sport” useful in private life
  • Strengthens self-confidence; more positive attitude towards customers
  • Prevention of health problems caused by lack of ack of physical activity that again can cause absenteeism
  • Learning self-defense techniques in combination with a fitness program in a fun way
  • Own training equipment is not needed
  • Training takes place at the company or as a company event in one of our locations.


As Krav Maga is as individual as the different companies and their employees, we gladly suggest custom-built offers.
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