Our Mission


Everyday we train people to defend themselves. No man should be threatened or attacked, no woman should be assaulted or raped, no child should be abducted or bullied.
We develop in-depth training for custom-made environments – from the specialist military unit to the public-serving law enforcement.

We are fighters not technicians. We are Kravolution.

Since its inception Krav Maga was created out of necessity: finding a solution for the physical violence problem.
Built on natural reactions, it follows very clear principles which are powered by the fighter within.

It’s that simple: here at KRAVolution we want our members to be the best fighters they can become. We focus on the principles they need to confront violent scenarios. We also help them develop the aggression required to win the fight, because at the end of the day it’s the only way realistic self-defense can work. Let’s be clear: we are developing fighters who are master tacticians, not technicians that fight.

The whole KRAVolution instructor team is deciding together how we continually develop the system. The system will be constantly tested by professionals all around the world and is verified by the new developments and knowledge of its professional users.

The checkpoints:

  • We teach everyday people essential self-defense.
  • We teach specialist organizations customized Krav Maga.
  • We develop students into fighters.
  • We grow instructors into teachers.
  • We focus on principles, not on techniques.
  • We have an obsession for quality.
  • We are outwardly focused on our students and instructors, not ourselves.
  • We measure our success by the success of our students and schools.
  • We have a mandatory requirement for fun.
  • We strive to eliminate barriers to Krav Maga development.


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