Law Enforcement Division

Law Enforcement Krav Maga Training

The KRAVolution Law Enforcement Division is targeting BOS members – authorities and organizations with security tasks – such as police and prison staff, who are unfortunately often victims of violent attacks. The challenge in the LE-training is that the participants usually cannot run away, as it is sometimes taught in the civilian division. Sometimes it is impossible to escape the situation, for example in a brawl, as it is the reason why they have been called.

The contents of the Law Enforcement Training are the mediation of KRAVolution Krav Maga self-defense techniques and tactics, in conjunction with arrest- and transport techniques against one or more, armed or unarmed attackers, either alone or in a team.


The main focuses of the KRAVolution Law Enforcement Division for a holistic self-defense training are:

  • Communication and body language
  • Tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • Teamwork in self-defense
  • Behavior in encroachments
  • Techniques in emergency situations
  • Self-defense in tight spaces, CQB training
  • Self defense under adverse conditions, low light / no light
  • Defense scenarios: prevention, response and defense against knife, stick or gun threats


The KRAVolution instructor team not only has a long-term training experience with active police officers in training centers of the police, but mainly is staffed by active police officers who use KRAVolution Krav Maga on a daily base and help to improve it with their gained knowledge.
Therefore, we always can offer a realistic and before all also a time adapted training.