Law Enforcement Division

Law Enforcement Krav Maga Training

The KRAVolution Law Enforcement Division is aimed at BOS (authorities and organizations with security tasks) members, such as police and prison staff, who unfortunately are often victims of violent attacks. The challenge in the LE-training is that the participants can not usually run away, as it is trained in the civilian division and sometimes can not tactically escape the situation, such as a brawl, because it is the reason they just been called.

The contents of the Law Enforcement Training are the mediation of KRAVolution Krav Maga self-defense techniques and tactics, in conjunction with arrest- and transport techniques against one or more, armed or unarmed attackers, either alone or in a team.

The main focuses of the KRAVolution Law Enforcement Division for a holistic self-defense training are:

  • Communication and body language
  • Tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • Teamwork in self-defense
  • Behavior in enroachments
  • Techniques in emergency situations
  • Self-defense in tight spaces, CQB training
  • Self defense under adverse conditions, low light / no light
  • Defense scenarios: prevention, response and defense against knife, stick or gun threats


The KRAVolution Instructor Team not only has a long-term training experience with active police officers in training centers of the police, but mainly consists of active police officers, who have their experiences gained during the service day into the development of KRAVolution Krav Maga. Thus, we can always offer a realistic and, above all, time adapted training.

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