Women Only

women krav maga selfdefense

The good thing about KRAVolution Krav Maga for women is that neither the strength nor the size is important. At KRAVolution, we train according to principles in combination with easy-to-learn techniques, which are also available under stress and emergency situations.

No woman should be a victim and those men who think that women can not defend themselves against men will be taught by us better!

Even though the Krav Maga techniques for self-defense training for women are not very different from mixed training, the lessons in the pure ” Women Only ” group differ slightly. Women are sometimes exposed to other attacks than men. This includes not only sexual assaults, but also other threat and attack situations. Also women react intuitively differently than men.

And that is exactly what the Krav Maga training at KRAVolution is all about. The differences in size, physical strength and mental resilience are particularly important. In addition to effective techniques for self-defense, women learn a lot about men – about how they think, act and also how men prefer to attack. The participants learn to recognize dangers, avoid them, and if the situation escalates to act properly. With KRAVolution Krav Maga, everyone is able to defend themselves and their loved ones effectively and uncompromisingly.


The main focuses of the KRAVolution Women Division for a holistic self-defense training are:

  • prevention
  • Recognition of threats and tactical retreat
  • Attacks and counter-attacks against all physical targets from all nearby distances and in all directions
  • Use of items and tools for defense purposes
  • Defenses against women / defenses against stronger men
  • Defenses against sexual assault
  • Defenses against threat and attack situations with weapons
  • Defenses against one or several attackers at the same time

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