OUR instructor coin

UNSER Instructor Coin

A Krav Maga instructor has a solid understanding of the principles of Krav Maga and also has the ability to effectively impart this knowledge to others. Certification as an instructor is merely a recognition and a proven track record in teaching Krav Maga to others, but to become a KRAVolution instructor requires the will to demonstrate this over an extended period of time. Many people can take part in our courses but only a few pass!
Passing a KRAVolution course cannot be bought – it is earned, not given!

This ensures that only the best can and are allowed to teach with us. These best are awarded a KRAVolution Coin in recognition.

These coins are now available on request via office@kravolution.com ONLY for active instructors and will be issued to new instructors after successful completion of the course. All coins are numbered with the respective KRAVolution membership number.