Women Only Seminar with Megan in San Diego, USA

women only krav maga with megan berkman

On 12-03-2017 from 01:00 pm until 04:00 pm will be held at Miramar Martial Arts in San Diego, USA a first-class Women Only seminar with KRAVolution self-defense expert Megan Cohen Berkman.

“Women Only” means that this seminar is a women’s training, which shows as woman can defend herself! No woman is a victim and the men how think, that women can‘t defend themselves against a men will be teach a better one!
Due to the recent event of attacks on women, we are getting more and more requests at the KRAVolution for effective self-defense, because here the defenses are trained not only against one but several attackers under simulated stress by intuitive reactions.
‘Always be a hard target‘, flight or fight, never freeze, that is the slogan and woman learns in this seminar to defend themselves “unfairly” after all rules!

Megan Cohen Berkman, one of the highest ranked women in the Krav Maga world and Head Instructor at KRAVolution, leads this seminar. For over 30 years, she is training and teaching Krav Maga, travels as a Global Instructor around the world and educate Self-Defense Instructors! In addition, she was the only woman and the only member of the Global Team that educated active soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces. According to the slogan ‘Fight like a women‘, Megan has set up a unique women’s self-defense seminar!

The participants learn to recognize dangers, to evade them and – if the situation escalates – to act correctly and without compromise! Like at the last Women Only seminar with Megan in Germany:

Cost per attendee: $40,00
Get your access here: education@kravolution.com

Location: Miramar Martial Arts
9460 Mira Mesa Blvd, Suite M
San Diego, CA 92126