Review Law Enforcement Instructor Course 10/2017

Congratulation! After seven days of full-time training, the participants of our KRAVolution Law Enforcement Instructor Course successfully passed this course and are now Law Enforcement Instructors, which is a trainer for daily police courses.

The participants, consisting of police officers, members of an international special unit, and other members of the BOS (e.g. paramedics), who are also active Krav Maga Instructors, have gone through an intensive and work-related week. The goal was not only to train Krav Maga techniques and principles, but also to teach and train each other in order to benefit from the experience of others. Not only the participants, but also we as Instructors have learned a lot and we are very proud to have co-trained with you. The KRAVolution system has once again evolved from the experience of professional users.


The content:

  • KRAVolution Krav Maga Defense techniques against one or several un-/ armed attackers with subsequent attacks
  • Arrest and transportation tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • Communication and body language
  • Self-defense in tight spaces and under adverse conditions, e.g. low light / no light
  • CQB Training
  • Intergration Shooting Range
  • Scenario-Training / Real Life Situations in our 1100sqm large Scenario-Location


The course:

Initially, the most common types of physical attacks on police officers from all directions (360°) were trained and combined. In addition, there was a first insight into the Law Enforcement techniques, in which the ”Basic Arm Controls” were introduced. Based on this, the following days could be designed in such a way that the performance level steadily increased. All techniques were tested under stress drills, whereby the action on principle became aware of each participant. Krav Maga is based on principles and not just on the one, all-solving technique. And exactly these principles make KRAVolution Krav Maga so effective and usable for each individual. Because under stress, every technique has to work and that can only be achieved by adhering to few but efficient principles.

In the further course, besides the correct didactic teaching, special attention was paid to realistic scenario trainings. This course benefited above all from the many years of experience of the active, national as well as international police officers. The aim was to keep the stress level low at the outset, to make the necessary mistakes and to continuously increase the level of education in the course of time, thus achieving a learning effect. This was, for example, the case to control the person, who within seconds turned to an active attack against the participant.

After seven days of full-time training, many instructive scenarios and countless KRAVolution Krav Maga trainings, 8 Krav Maga Instructors can now call themselves as a KRAVolution Law Enforcement Instructor.

We are already in the planning stage for the Law Enforcement Instructor Course 2018! More information can be found HERE!