KRAVolution Full-Instructor Courses

Have you already been training Krav Maga in for a while or for many of years of Martial Arts experiences and now you are ready to undertake a responsible task and share your knowledge with others? We want YOU as an Instructor then! And we´ll support you with all our know-how.




CIVIL Instructor Course

If you want to become a Krav Maga Instructor, sign up now and improve yourself. The goal of our Krav Maga course, which is with over 170 h full-time training one of the most complete and most extensive ones in the whole system, is the deployment of qualified instructors in our instructor team as well as the deployment as Civil Krav Maga Instructor internationally.

That´s why the course is held by an international Krav Maga Expert Team and military instructors. To make you the best instructor out there, we deploy the best instructors out there! The Course will be conducted in German and English.

Content of the KRAVolution Civil Instructor Course

We set new standards with our new concept for the Krav Maga instructor training and want to think out of the box. That´s why we have revolutionized the previous training.

We won´t lie. It´s a hard way from being a participant to an instructor and by that to a Krav Maga blackbelt – earned not given. But, if you can make it, you´ll belong to the best educated Krav Maga instructors all over the world.


  • Compressed course with attractive training-times
  • Lessons after principles, not only techniques
  • KRAVolution First Aid specified to instructors
  • Tactical wound treatment, first responder by experts of the German Armed Forces
  • Shooting training from experienced active shooting instructors
  • Krav Maga meets Power-Yoga, Stretching by Yoga experts
  • Reality based scenario-training to push you to the limit
  • Supervision by international Highest-Level-Instructors, like Megan Cohen Berkman
  • Hostage and Anti-Terror-Training
  • Presentation of legal foundations by lawyers
  • The KRAVolution Krav Maga Curriculum
  • An unprecedented level-testing, where your ability to teach is as important as the right performance. Here you are not tested by one single examiner, but by a testing-committee. Previously it consisted of five active Krav Maga instructors.



LAW ENFORCEMENT Instructor Course

law enforcement krav maga

The Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor Course is for police instructors and for authorities and organizations with security tasks to teach and impart Krav Maga techniques and strategies for self-defense in the contradiction of the own security and the consideration of legal requirements and proportionality.

Content of the Law Enforcement Krav Maga Instructor Course

The content of the Law Enforcement Instructor Course is about imparting Krav Maga self-defense techniques and tactics related to seizure- and transport-techniques against one or multiple, unarmed or armed attackers, on your own or in a team. What we teach is how you can teach your colleagues didactically.

Here is the overview:

  • Communication and body language
  • Tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • Teamwork in terms of self-defense
  • Reaction to encroachmentsrelief-techniques in terms of contact-attacks
  • Techniques in emergency and emergency relief situations
  • Close quarter combat
  • Self-defense under adverse conditions like low light/no light

In addition, we teach how to use self-defense-scenarios for prevention, reaction and defense against knife- and stick-attacks as well as gun-threats. Hostage- and anti-terror scenarios are also part of the lessons.

The techniques are based on the progress of the participants as the learning effect and the injury-free training are always in the foreground. We know, how important it is to be fully operational.

The end of every lesson is always about the so called drills, where the content you have learned before, will be recalled in everyday scenarios of security-units. This is not only how we teach the participants, but how the participants will teach their students later.

The course-language is bilingual in English and German, while all Krav Maga techniques are labelled in English anyway.

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