KRAVolution Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor Course – 16.10. – 20.10.2023

Law Enforcement Instructor Course

The Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor Course is for police instructors and for authorities and organizations with security tasks to teach and impart Krav Maga techniques and strategies for self-defense in the contradiction of the own security and the consideration of legal requirements and proportionality.

Content of the Law Enforcement Krav Maga Instructor Course

The content of the Law Enforcement Instructor Course is about imparting Krav Maga self-defense techniques and tactics related to seizure- and transport-techniques against one or multiple, unarmed or armed attackers, on your own or in a team. What we teach is how you can teach your colleagues didactically.

Here is the overview:

  • Communication and body language
  • Tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • Teamwork in terms of self-defense
  • Reaction to encroachmentsrelief-techniques in terms of contact-attacks
  • Techniques in emergency and emergency relief situations
  • Close quarter combat
  • Self-defense under adverse conditions like low light/no light

In addition, we teach how to use self-defense-scenarios for prevention, reaction and defense against knife- and stick-attacks as well as gun-threats. Hostage- and anti-terror scenarios are also part of the lessons.

The techniques are based on the progress of the participants as the learning effect and the injury-free training are always in the foreground. We know, how important it is to be fully operational.

The end of every lesson is always about the so called drills, where the content you have learned before, will be recalled in everyday scenarios of security-units. This is not only how we teach the participants, but how the participants will teach their students later.

The course-language is bilingual in English and German, while all Krav Maga techniques are labelled in English anyway.