10.04.20 – 7pm – defense against bearhugs

Carsten and Patrick are tired of always having to go to the boxingbag, to lift kettlebells or jump rope to keep fit. So they meet up with scaffolders who are in the process of working. The scaffolding workers hand them both the gloves and then the battle with the heavy steel parts begins. Carsten works upstairs and Patrick carries everything to the car. Both of them do push-ups and chin-ups in between but have a look for yourself, maybe you’ll notice which of the two doesn’t take the “warm-up” quite so seriously. After the warm-up they start with the Krav Maga technique a defense against clutches, which are called Bearhugs, are taken seriously again. The two krav maga instructors run over the material but with a good explaining over the different attacks from the front, from both sides and from behind. The hands are free or not, also with lifting up the defender! As always, it is not only about the technique, but also about the Krav Maga principles. As an attacker Patrick has all hands on the table and has to endure a lot, which Carsten has to face as a defender…so now you know who of the two has to keep himself more fit than the other ;-)!

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