About 50 participants at the Knife Defending Seminar in Germany!

The 12 hours Krav Maga training marathon is done! Amnon Darsa, our corporate partner and Israeli Krav Maga Expert, visited the Krav Maga Institute in Cologne, Germany for an Instructortraining and seminar.

The day began for some the trainers with a four-hour Instructor training. It was not only about advanced techniques, but also about the optimization of the teaching process. After a one-hour summary drill, they were not only wet-sweated, but had a big grin on their face – because that’s why they are KRAVolution Instructors because to train Krav Maga is their passion.

After this seminar highlight they went on until 09:00 pm with their KRAVolution Civil Instructor Course. Currently, they are in the second of a total of four blocks of the trainer training, the participants are really good! Are you interested in becoming a KRAVolution Instructor? Please contact us at: info@kravolution.com

October at Krav Maga Institute in Germany is characterized by international Krav Maga Experts!
For the ladies, on October 28th Megan Cohen Berkman will give a unique Women Only Seminar at the Krav Maga Institute in Cologne, Germany according to the motto “Girls Fight Back”.

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