Krav Maga zoom with international Instructor Chris Pemberton from UK and Ändi Sperzel

Krav Maga-Zoom with the international instructor Chris Pemberton from UK and Ändi Sperzel

Wednesday 20.05.20 – 19:00 – 20:00 Topic “the fence – fighting stance against aggressive attackers” Here you can get tips for your fightings stance from the pro. Chris is with Ändi Sperzel not only part of the KRAVolution world instructor team around Carsten Draheim and Krav Maga expert, but also bouncer in the clubs in Birmingham and Nottingham for many years. So he tests Krav Maga at the door every night and has valuable tips for you and your Krav Maga training @home in the Covid-19 Lockdown. On Friday, Ändi as World Instructor takes over the training for ALL and after that a special instructor training for KRAVolution trainers only!

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Wednesday and Friday from 20:00 o’clock

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