Today at 7pm – Headlock from behind with Patrick & Carsten

The answer to how to defend yourself is given in this short video with Carsten and Patrick. Admittedly, a lot of things have gone wrong when someone manages to “sneak up on you” from behind to strangle you. However, this can also happen out of surprise, for example when someone tries to push you forward quickly by your neck. Carsten and his training partner Patrick explain the static solution using the “plug in” motion – your hands are forming „a shovel“ to open this choking attack. So what can help against choking from the front and from the side, works just as well from behind. But what happens if the attacker still pushes. Here you can use the forward movement and the aggression of the attacker to make the attacker run into your counter with a quick turn and hitting him with your ellbow or with your hammerfist! Watch out our next clip: Krav Maga self-defense against choke from behind, with or without push.

Find the whole video here: