Today at 1pm – Defense against round kick – roundhouse into your ribs

A kick that brutally hits your ribs from the outside not only takes your breath away, but can even put you completely out of action. Unlike the low kick, which targets your leg, this roundhousee kick hits you in the middle section of your body. When executed quickly, you won’t be able to hold on to the attacker’s foot, the only thing that helps is the block! In the example we assume that the attacker continues a left/right fist punch combination with a roundhouse kick. To get a lot of power in this kick, he changes his legs, this kick is called a “switch roundhouse kick” and can be used not only for attack but also for defense, if you have blocked the roundhouse kick with your shin like we´ve teached you in one of our last clips. Then you can do a shuffle before you take off the leg you blocked and also quickly do a roundhouse kick. In Krav Maga defense you have to get inside your opponent and should not stay in his kick distance. Originally filmed with Ändi from the KRAVolution worldteam, the clip is commented by Carsten and Patrick as a livestream training video.

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