This was TRAVolution 2018!

…the arrival! With Participants from France, Corsica, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Italy and the US!

Our KRAVolution train and travel went to Israel in the country of origin of Krav Maga and took place from May 10th to May 14th.
The 40 participants were accommodated in the 4 star Hotel Island Suites on the beach of Netanya. We had reserved a training hall here but due to the very sunny weather we were drawn to the training on the beach promenade.
On the first day an Instructor Curriculum Training took place, to which the participants were also invited to train together with the instructors. We worked together until the sun went down and it was great to contribute to the further development of the KRAVolution curriculum.

Day 1

For training on the second or better to say first day of our Krav Maga trip, the pool area for the TRAVolution participants was reserved from the hotel. After a rich buffet breakfast we went to the pool for training. After the lunch break in a restaurant, we went on to a very special museum a Kibutz in which there was an underground, secret ammunition factory the short drive was by bus and after 2 hours we went back to the beautiful beach promenade and for training together. Here a surprise was waiting for us, as in the evening traditional Jewish headgear “Kippa” were distributed and we celebrated a joint Shabatt dinner together with a rabbi, who had previously spontaneously trained with us on the beach. It was great in Israel, the people had a lot of fun when an Israeli onlooker started training every now and then, along with the rabbi, a chef from a neighboring restaurant, who invited some of us to the final deco drink in the evening.

The second day

The second day started again with a workout at the pool, here stood self-defense against attacks with the stick on the program.
At noon we went by air-conditioned bus to Jeruslalem to the so-called Western Wall, the Wailing Wall in the western part of Jerusalem. Through the narrow streets of the Arabic traders, we went to the well-guarded Wailing Wall. On the wall here could also plug our notes with pious wishes. Back we went back to the Arabian Bazaar and one or the other here were a few souvenirs out.
It went on to the Dead Sea, an incredibly weightless experience! On the way, the instructors pushed a self-defense training on the bus. Here, in the strongest sense of the word, we held our knives to our throats. With a subsequent cooling in the red sea it was not, because the thermometer 35 degrees C indicated in the shade but the experience was indescribably great for us. We dabbled together until the evening and almost missed dinner.

Day 3

On the penultimate day were fighting basics with an internationally experienced MMA and Thaibox coach, and Krav Maga Instructor on the program. Throughout the day, we trained in turn-and-kick combinations and the corresponding defenses against it.

Day 4

The last day starts hard – groundfighting and defending was on the program. Since most of us had our departure in the afternoon, we ended the day very chilli! The journey was a complete success and we look forward to the next TRAVolution with YOU!