About the Seminar with Andi (WIT) in Erfurt, Germany

At the beginning and during the intense warm-up, our participants already got to know the advantages of the course coach Andy. It is commonly known that you should step out of your comfort zone. And so we did – starting with basic body defense exercises,which closely connect to our natural reflexes (body defense, off the line of attack in combination with counter attacks, etc.) during a defense. The focus was put on dynamic movements.

Furthermore, the self-defense course continued by providing special techniques with knife/stick against direct and indirect attacks with weapons. In addition to those basic techniques further defense options were practised. So that the whole event was experienced by the participants like something beyond their expectations. In other words, a complete success.

Additional defense techniques against stick attacks, particulary focusing on different angles of attacks, were practised too.

As the icing on the cake Andy, expert in Krav Maga, showed us some special defenses with a stick or any other object.

From the first moment on till the end of the course we were able to follow Andy´s explanations easily and practise actively.
This results from Andy´s experiences and highly professional teaching skills.

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