Review: The 2. KIDS Instructor Course – with Israeli Expert Haim Sasson!

Mission completed! We are very proud of all KIDS and of the KRAVolution Instructors  from Marseille, Paris, Corsica, the Netherlands, Germany and of Course with Expert Haim Sasson from Israel.

There are not many Krav Maga experts that have the martial arts knowledge that Haim Sasson has… more than 40 years in martial arts, Krav Maga black belt from Imi, black belts in other systems and a coach of the Wingate Institute. Haim Sassons expertise covers all sectors of Krav Maga, particularly civilians, women and children. And we are very very proud to work with and learn from him! Haim was the first Global Instructor Trainer to be employed by another organization worldwide and he surprised us with his very good English knowledge and his French vocabulary. So it was no problem for Haim to run the course in three languages and also the children had a lot of fun being guided by all international instructors. In contrast to other organisations, our Kids Instructor Course naturally also takes place with children. The first two days of the course Haim was occupied with teaching the new instructors and the next 3 days they learned together with the children and advanced instructors. For already existing KIDS Instructors the last 3 days of the course were an update to the yellow belt curriculum for KIDS.  To make a long story short: it was great and as already for the second time this year a complete success.

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