MIC 2020 – Krav Maga Military Instructor Course from 13.07.-17.07 in Cologne.

Education for instructors!

Krav Maga Military Instructor Course from 13.07.-17.07. in Cologne.

For their new role as close combat instructors, soldiers of the Infantry School of the Armed Forces will train this week at the Krav Maga Institute. In the end, some of them will be allowed to call themselves “Military Instructor” and will be able to train their own course participants in the future.

KRAVolution Krav Maga is an officially commissioned close combat instructor for the German and French Armed Forces and regularly gives Krav Maga lessons for soldiers, worldwide!

This course is organized by us for the instructors of the German Armed Forces. Admission requirements are therefore a valid military identity card or relevant previous experience in the form of a recognised Krav Maga Instructor Training (open in associations) with relevant teaching experience.
The training is internationally recognized, the language of instruction is English/German.
Upon completion of the training, the participant will receive a certificate and a certificate of participation and the contents of the training course of the worldwide operating KRAVolution Krav Maga Association. The passing of the exam cannot be guaranteed. In case of failing, the exam can be repeated free of charge. The course is led by our Lead Instructor and KRAVolution CEO, Carsten Draheim, together with our military training team. This close combat instructor, commissioned by the Ministry of Defence of the Federal Republic of Germany, regularly gives Krav Maga lessons, training and further education for military users and instructors, worldwide.

The following contents are taught:
– Application of Krav Maga techniques
– Techniques for disarmament with long and short weapons
– Tactics for applying the techniques
– Use of firearms with tactical background
– self-protection techniques, disarmament techniques
– Backup within the team
– To ward off the knife threat
– Several exercises in the scenario with training weapons (FX)
– Use of training equipment e.g. baton pads, training weapons, training sticks, training knives, protective equipment