Military Instructor Course at French Foreign Legion – Castelnaudary

Military Krav Maga

Military Krav Maga is the initial variation of the self-defense and close combat system, which has been developed for the Israeli Defense Forces and is trained by most international military and special forces nowadays. The system refines itself regularly out of real life experiences in extremely violent environments and is like that the most seriously approved method for the military close combat internationally.
Soldiers are being prepared in the shortest amount of time for threat situations and possible close combat attacks, they might face in national and international crisis and war areas.

KRAVolution Krav Maga is a close combat instructor, ordered officially by a lot of military units worldwide! For example, we are official instructor for the French Foreign Legion and ordered by the German defense ministry.


KRAVolution Military Instructor Course

Our next KRAVolution Military Instructor Course will take place from 28th October to 4th November 2018 at the 4ème R.E.I. « Régiment d’Instruction de la Légion étrangère » in Quartier Capitaine Danjou in Castelnaudary – south of france.

This outstanding Krav Maga Military Instructor Course enables to teach military Krav Maga and to guide and train for instance Soldiers of the German Armed Forces. The content of the Course is based on the military training of Imi Lichtenfeld and contains the imparting of the necessary didactical skills for the supporting management of the Krav Maga training for soldiers under consideration of the rules of engagement.
Content of the Military Instructor Course
The goal of the training is to hand over effective and easy techniques to the instructors. So that they can show the soldiers how to react when it comes to violent attacks.



  • communication and body language
  • tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • teamwork in terms of self-defense
  • reaction to encroachments
  • relief-techniques in terms of contact-attacks
  • techniques in emergency and emergency relief situations
  • close quarter combat
  • self-defense under adverse conditions like low light/no light
  • self-defense techniques and tactics in a military operation
  • usage of common objects like hand and long guns, for instance as object against one or multiple attackers
  • defense of knife-attacks
  • defense of gun-threats
  • third party protection

In addition, we teach how to use self-defense-scenarios for prevention, reaction and defense in hostage- and anti-terror scenarios.
The techniques are based on the progress of the participants as the learning effect and the injury-free training are always in the foreground. We know how important it is to be fully operational.
The end of every lesson is always about the so called drills, where the content you have learned before, will be recalled in everyday scenarios of security-units. This is not only how we teach the participants, but how the participants will teach their students later.
Furthermore, we prepare to pass the final exam, theoretically and practically, to become a Krav Maga Military Instructor.
The course-language is bilingual in French and English, while all Krav Maga techniques are labelled in English anyways.


The Course will take place from October 28th – November 4th, 2018 at the 4ème R.E.I. « Régiment d’Instruction de la Légion étrangère » in Quartier Capitaine Danjou in Castelnaudary – south of france.


After passing…

all participants receive a Krav Maga Military Instructor certificate and the military patch indicating the expertise. This course offers the highest level of training for military Instructors and our goal is to bring out good, quality teachers, who can train their own units.
Along the lines of earned, not given, we don´t provide a guarantee to pass and to get the KMI Krav Maga Instructor certificate. It´s on the participant!

Furthermore, our course is not a further education acknowledged from the federal states or a course offered by the German Armed Forces, but is for participants with a respective background.
If you are not an KRAVolution Instructor, a corps identity card and an over-average fitness level are required.
There is no need for experiences in Krav Maga as this course is about further professional training to become an instructor. Education experience is an advantage though.


2490 EUR

EARLY BIRD till 30th June, 2018
1990 EUR for KRAVolution Members and Instructors only!