Law Enforcement Instructor Course 17. – 21.06.20, Germany

CAUTION: Due to COVID-19 this event will be postponed,
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Our KRAVolution Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor Course is aimed in particular at police mission trainers and police and prison staff. The focus is on teaching Krav Maga techniques and strategies for self-defence in conflict between self-defence and compliance with legal requirements, especially proportionality.

The contents of the Law Enforcement Instructor course are, of course, primarily the teaching of Krav Maga self-defense techniques and tactics. In addition, there are special techniques for arrest and transport against one or more armed or unarmed attackers, alone or in a team and their didactic transmission in class for colleagues.

The contents at a glance:

– Communication and body language
– tactical behaviour in conflict situations
– Teamwork in self-defence
– Behaviour in the event of an attack
– Techniques in self-defence and emergency situations
– Self-defence in confined spaces
– Self-defence under adverse conditions such as low light/no light
– Prevention, response and defense against knife, stick or firearm threats
– Hostage and anti-terror scenarios
– At the end of the training, the previously learned training content is trained in various drills from the everyday life of security specialists. The techniques depend on the progress of the participants and the learning effect in the injury-free training is in the foreground.

The language of instruction is bilingual English and German, the Krav Maga techniques are in English.

After passing the exam, each participant will receive a KRAVolution Krav Maga Law Enforcement Certificate for the successfully completed full-time training and a corresponding LE-Patch showing the expertise.

The course offers the highest possible training level for Law Enforcement Assignment Trainers and our goal is to produce good and qualified trainers who can teach their own units.Admission RequirementsAs the LE course is designed for self-defense by police and correctional officers, a service card or a comparable serious profession is mandatory. Experience in Krav Maga is explicitly not required as it is a professional training to become an instructor. However, training experience is an advantage.


Date: 17. – 21.06.20

Location: Cologne, Germany

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