KRAVolution Krav Maga Kids Instructor Course – Haim Sasson

KIC / KRAVolution Kids Instructor Course in Cologne

There are not many Krav Maga experts that have the martial arts knowledge that Haim Sasson has… more than 40 years in martial arts, Krav Maga black belt from Imi, black belts in other systems and a coach of the Wingate Institute. Haim Sassons expertise covers all sectors of Krav Maga, particularly civilians, women and children. And we are very very proud to work with and learn from him!

Haim has travelled the world as one of the most respected global instructors and created the Dynamight Kids safety and self-defence program that is delivered throughout Australia and now through the KRAVolution Instructors!

This course consists of two parts. On the one hand for already existing Krav Maga Civil Instructors, who would like to train to become Kids Instructors.
On the other hand for already existing Kids Instructors, who take part in the training to become Testing Instructors for children and teenagers.

Admission requirement for the kids Instructor Course Part 1 = successfully passed Civil Instructor Course
Admission requirement for the kids Instructor Course Part 2 = successfully passed KIDS Instructor Certification with the option of additional Kids Testing qualification. The focus here is on the ongoing testing of children in the yellow belt curriculum through to brown belt.

The KIDS Instructor Course “part1” – without previous participation in the KIC – takes 5 days from 27.11-01.12.2019 and costs: 700 EUR, for you as KRAVolution member only 599 EUR!

The KIDS Instructor Course “part2” – only with successfully passed KIC in the run-up – goes 3 days as update “yellow to brown belt for KIDS” from 29.11-01.12.2019 and for you as KRAVolution Member only 399 EUR!
As an already existing KIDS Instructor you are welcome to participate on all days.

As always with the KRAVolution KIDS Instructor Courses, the most important participants here are of course the KIDS and Teenagers, because unlike many other Krav Maga organizations, our trainings take place under real conditions.

At the same time the KIDS Camp runs from 29.11-01.12. 4 hours a day over the 3 days and on the last day a testing of the children is planned.

Language: English
Duration Part 1: 5 days at least 8 hours a day
Testing – earned not given

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