KRAVolution Krav Maga Assistant Instructor Course

Where? Germany, Cologne
When? Date: 24.09.2020 – 26.09.2020 in Cologne-Deutz

Thursday: 14:00 – 20:00
Friday – Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00

You already train Krav Maga or have years of martial arts experience and are ready to take on a responsible task and pass on your knowledge to others? Then we want YOU as a trainer! The Assistant Instructor Course is the first step towards your Krav Maga Trainer career.

The KRAVolution ASSISTANT course is a condensed training to become a Krav Maga Assistant for the civil sector and a first step towards the Krav Maga training to become a Civil Instructor!

The contents of the KRAVolution Assistant Instructor Course are based on our general teaching methodology. This means that it is about the basic understanding of Krav Maga and its principles and not about the individual components of the techniques.

Mediation of the didactic basics for the preparation of lessons
Teaching the didactic basics for teaching
The aim of the training is to make you an assistant to our team of instructors, so that you can learn to teach in practice, from the best. In addition, we prepare you to pass the final exam, in theory and practice, to become a KRAVolution Civil Instructor.

you will receive a certificate of successfully completed Assistant Instructor training and a corresponding T-shirt.
According to the motto earned and not given, we do not guarantee that you will pass and receive the KRAVoluion Krav Maga Assistant certificate. It is up to you!


A minimum age of 18 years
An above average level of fitness
Regular Krav Maga training.
You also need a perfect police clearance certificate. We expressly do not train those from whom we want to protect ourselves.

We expressly reserve the right to reject participants who are considered unsuitable, of course against reimbursement of the purchase price.

PRICE: Early Bird Price until 18.08.2020: KRAVolution Member 490 EUR

900 EUR Non Member
KRAVolution Member price 535 EUR
The amount of 535 EUR will be credited when participating in the Full-Instructor Course.

When you train Krav Maga, you can defend yourself and others, regardless of age or gender, in any situation without exception. The only thing you need are your inner reflexes!
There are no rules in real fighting situations, therefore there are no rules in Krav Maga. Except one: Fight! No matter if against one or more attackers: Never give up!

The intuitive and quick availability of the techniques, as well as their effectiveness, are the reason for the success of the system and its worldwide distribution.

The highlight of the KRAVolution Krav Maga training is that we do not only train in the gym or in the hall, but create scenarios that are as realistic as possible. Be it in the bus, on aeroplane seats or in the bar.

The ticket is available HERE