Knife Defending Seminar with Amnon Darsa

On 13 October from 14: 00-17: 00 a Knife Defending Seminar with the Israeli Krav Maga expert Amnon Darsa takes place at the Krav Maga Institute Cologne Deutz!

A Knife Defending Seminar with the Israeli expert Amnon Darsa will take place at the Krav Maga Institute Cologne, Germany on October 13th, 2017 from 02:00pm -05:00pm.

Attacks with knives are increasing dramatically in recent months! Knives are increasingly used as tools, not just for terrorist-motivated attacks, such as last October in Marseille, where two women were killed and other passers-by were indiscriminately injured, but also in almost all German cities! * Since July 17 alone in Leipzig, knives had been used 22 times in the city area, according to the police report. And there are no threats with the knfie! “As bad as this summer, it has never been,” confirms the regional chairman of the German police department Cathleen Martin: “Aggressiveness is increasing! Conflicts are no longer controlled verbally or with fists, the knife is pulled right away.

Amnon Darsa is one of the best and most recognized Krav Maga experts in the world and therefore a specialist in “knife defense in self-defense situations”! Nowadays, we do not need to travel to a crisis area to deal with brutality and terror. The recent events in the name of terror must be reason enough for us to act NOW! We do not promise you that you can protect yourself against a knife, we tell you quite clearly: the chance to be hit is very high! … but you are also able to DEPLOY YOURSELF to SURVIVE! Learn from Amnon Darsa how you can effectively defend yourself in almost hopeless situations with bare hands or common objects, in the event of a knife attack