Review of our KRAVolution CIC Part 1

After four days of full-time training, all participants successfully completed the first block of four blocks of our KRAVolution Civil Instructor Course!

Part 1 started with basic attacks regarding the different distances and preventive behavior. In addition, Reflexive Sectors were discussed in which the participants trained deflecting and blocking defenses, based on our principles. A big part of the first block was to bring the participants closer to the structure of a Krav Maga Warm-Ups and to provide the instructor with the necessary didactic means to apply it effectively in the regular self-defense lessons.

In addition to the Civil Instructor Course, four participants successfully completed the KRAVolution Assistant Instructor Course! The aim of the Assistant Instructor Course was to provide participants with the didactic tools for teaching preparation and teaching and, above all, to teach the principles of Krav Maga.

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