Active Shooter seminar with Jean-Paul Jauffret in San Diego, USA

On 12-09-2017 from 10:00 am until 01:30 pm will be held at Magills Glockstore in San Diego, USA an Active Shooter seminar with KRAVolution self-defense expert Jean-Paul Jauffret.

« Active Shooter » has come into existence when one or more shooters running amok and shoot at all people in their area. They kill indiscriminately – because of different motivations. Amok shooters do this often from a distance, but sometimes from close proximity. For example, in execution character. These types of attacks are piling up – whether they are terrorist or more personally motivated. The right behavior in an « Active Shooter » event is about perception and behavior, risk protection and purposeful action that increases your own chances of survival and that of the companions (Run-Hide-Fight). This is not just about self-defense in that moment in which a pistol or gun barrel is held in front of your nose. Krav Maga training also increases survival chances by increasing assessment ability and stress-stability in risk situations.

Jean-Paul Jauffret is known worldwide for his unique expertise in professional Krav Maga adapted to close protection, operational procedures and tactics for police, military and counter-terrorism (SWAT, military special units). He is also the Head of Professional Department at KRAVolution. As a former chief of police and still as a trainer and consultant in Tactical Krav Maga fort he 1st and 2nd Regiments of the French Foreign Legion, including the elite 2nd Régiment Ètranger Parachutiste (REP) in Corsica, he is a specialist on his field.

Cost per attendee: $50,00
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Registration from 09:30 am

Location: Magills Glockstore
4770 Ruffner street
San Diego, CA 92111