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Military Krav Maga Training at the Legion with Jean-Paul – France (Calvi)

25. March 2019 - 31. March 2019

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The content of this outstanding Krav Maga Military Training is based on the Krav Maga System,

based of Imi Lichtenfeld and contains the imparting of the necessary didactical skills for the supporting

management of the Krav Maga training for soldiers under consideration of the rules of engagement.

CONTENTS of the Course:

  • communication and body language
  • tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • teamwork in terms of self-defense
  • reaction to encroachments
  • relief-techniques in terms of contact-attacks
  • techniques in emergency and emergency relief situations
  • close quarter combat
  • self-defense under adverse conditions like low light/no light
  • self-defense techniques and tactics in a military operation
  • usage of common objects like hand and long guns, for instance as object against one or multiple attackers
  • defense of knife-attacks
  • defense of gun-threatsthird party protection

After passing
all participants receive a Krav Maga Military Training certificate and the military patch. This course offers the highest level of Close Quarter Battle training for Soldiers.

French / English

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Début :
25. March 2019
Fin :
31. March 2019
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Calvi, Frankreich