Shawn Hill

Qualifications:Civilian Krav Maga Instructor

Fighting- & Selfdefense Skills:Boxing
Krav Maga since 2015
Active Shooter Seminar
Dirty Fighting Seminar
5-Day Tactical Shooting Course

School:The Hill Selfdefense
Bowie, Texas

The Hill Selfdefense


Since starting Krav Maga I have made it an integral part of my life. This includes training 6 days a week, attending as many seminars and classes as I could and ultimately deciding to become an instructor. The simple teaching approach based on principles make it easy to understand and adapt to any situation you might encounter. Krav Maga to me is a lifestyle not just self defense. It teaches confidence (through competency tested under stress), situational awareness, control, and respect. These a key elements to Imi’s ideology of “ So that one may walk in peace”. When you have these elements in your life your out look on life is different, at least mine is! My instructor skills have been a long time in the making. It started many years ago coaching my kids sports teams in baseball and football. My career path also put me in a position to teach health and safety classes to hundreds of people over the years. All that teaching has allowed me to refine my teaching skills for both children and adults to make my classes both fun and entertaining.