Michael Donahoe

Qualifications:Civil Krav Maga Instructor

Fighting- & Selfdefense Skills:Krav Maga since 2014,
Yoshukai Karate,
Taegeuk Tae Kwon Do,

School:Emerald Coast Self Defense


Michael has had a life-long passion for martial arts and when his own children were old enough, he set out to find a martial arts school for them to attend to gain a sense of self-discipline and be able to defend themselves if needed. Some friends invited him to check out their studio that taught Krav Maga. It was immediately apparent that Krav Maga was an effective and efficient means of self-defense regardless of the person’s age, gender, stature, etc. After joining classes for myself and getting the immediate benefit but also experiencing the relentless work to bring out inner strength and push past personal barriers, it soon became his goal to be an instructor himself and allow others to find their inner strength and be able to defend themselves. The greatest thing about being an instructor is when you see a person have that moment of realization that they can do and be something extraordinary that they didn’t know was in them and their confidence skyrockets!