Mario Schuldt

Qualifications:Civil Krav Maga Instructor
Women Krav Maga Instructor
Kids Krav Maga Instructor
Military Krav Maga Instructor
Law Enforcement Krav Maga Instructor

Fighting- & Selfdefense Skills:Boxing
Kick- & Thaiboxing
Jiu Jitsu
MMA (Basics)
Krav Maga since 2013

School:Krav Maga Bremen-Nord
Lindenstr. 46
28755 Bremen
Instragram: kravmaga_bremen_nord


It all started in my childhood. At the age of 8 I started in a club with boxing training and realized very quickly that martial arts will play an important role in my life. I stayed true to this sport for many years and gained competitive experience in my youth. Later, I switched to kickboxing and shotokan karate. Furthermore, I trained for many years sports such as Taekwondo, Wing Tsun, MMA and Jiu-Jitsu. I never wanted to commit myself to a specific martial art, but to get to know the pros and cons of these systems. When I then searched for a pure self-defense system covering almost all distances, I quickly landed at the Krav Maga. I was more than enthusiastic immediately. Krav Maga has become an integral part of my life. Meanwhile, I am also a recognized coach of two authorities, where I’m teaching as a focus « self-defense ».