Kevin E Beard

State Manager Colorado (USA)

Qualifications:Civilian Krav Maga Instructor
Close Protection Instructor VIP Bronze/Silver
5 day Tactical shooting Cours
2 day ITPS Bascic Course
2 day Firearms Training Academy

Fighting- & Selfdefense Skills:Krav Maga since 2010

School:Krav Maga Loveland LLC
653 Denver Ave
Loveland, Colorado 80537


“If you knew you were going to be in a fight of your life today, Would you have trained harder yesterday?”
At Krav Maga Loveland we are here to prepare you for that day, in case that day should happen. Krav Maga gives you real world application practicing a variety of scenarios with proven tactics. I bring a lot of reality from personal life experiences in addition to my formal training.
I’m the Owner and Head Instructor of Krav Maga Loveland LLC and Lion’s Tactical Protection and Security LLC. I started formal training in Krav Maga in 2010 with KMI and Elite martial arts. I received my first instructor certification with KMI, plus Basic certification with Izdan Security Academy (ITPS). I finished my instructor certification in 2016 with IKMF and Megan Cohen Berkman.
My background includes working security with both executive and VIP protection, working as a volunteer firefighter and member of both Larimer County Dive Rescue and First Responders Teams. I also worked as a traffic officer for a police department. I am a personal trainer and have been a coach for several sports including full-time tennis pro, head coach and assistant coach for high school. Let’s journey…